Monday, March 2, 2009

Finger Lickin' Good

Eating dried fish is a treat and is not and everyday occurence in my life here in the US. I seldom eat dried fish here because of so many reasons. First and foremost, when I cook dried fish, the smell will stay inside our place for a while. Second, dried fish are pricey. Who could believe that it is cheaper to buy porkchops than dried fish. Hahaha if only this is the case in the Philippines, I am sure they wont eat dried fish all the time.

Well, for today, I treated myself with a good meal and made myself enjoyed it to the max! I cooked dried fish in tomatoes, onions and ginger. The dried fish recipe is in my Mouth's Delight blog.

I ate the dish with a lot of rice. I prop my left knee in my chair, eat using my hand and just made myself at home. Yummmy... finger lickin' good indeed!


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