Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Are you ready for some cool freebies? The web design for idiots 500 free business card giveaway contest is open for everyone. For anyone to qualify on this cool contest, just visit the website and give a review on the website based on its functionality, design and/or content. Then, email your review to Please take note, that the owner of the website is a female. Be sure to use the proper pronoun "she" or "her".

Webdesignforidiots is a website that provides newbie web designers with tricks, tips and even tutorials on how to make web design. The owner is happy to announced that this is the first ever web design for idiots contest.

How does the contest be judged? The contest be judged by the owner herself and will be reviewed based on content, suggestions and writing style. Grammar and spelling is important.

What the winners will get? First prize winner will get 500 free business card design by the web owner herself. Second prize winner will get a beautiful 8x10 fine art photograph sponsored by BSC photo.

Deadline for entries will be on March 20, 2009. Send your entry now and have a chance to win the cool freebies.


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