Thursday, March 12, 2009

Busy day

Dave did not work today so I suggested that we go to Oxmoor Rd where we can buy fresh fish and more asian products.

After his morning coffee routine, we get ready to live. We went to the store and bought fish and shrimp. Then we went to another store to buy some more goodies. There in the Asian store I was able to buy some fresh veggies. I even buy some jelly ace treats for Andrea.

After few hours, we visited Mom and Dan and on the way to their place we grab Burger King... (one of my favorites...sshhhh!)

Andrea had so much fun today walking at Mom's yard and watching the cat. She only had a quick nap today that is why on the way home he slept all the way even if we stopped by at the grocery store to pick up some things.

Andrea has been really a sweet girl, giving kisses and hugs to us!


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