Friday, February 20, 2009

Still Drummin' at 91

I think the video above is one of Allee Willis' most remarkable videos. I don't find any reason why one wouldn't be impressed with this video. I am beyond words while watching Jerrie Thill, who is at 91 years old still keeps on rocking. It is not just about being 91 though, the most unbelievable part is, she is on an oxygen tank!

I find it very encouraging that despite Jerrie's health condition, she didn't abandon her love for music and drums. She is truly and inspiration especially to those who have health problems. She is a living example of enjoying life to the fullest!

I really enjoyed watching the animated images of Jerrie when she was younger. The additional animated images of Allee Willis trying to imitate Jerrie is also hilarious.

The video is fun to watch. I can see that Jerrie is having a great time performing. I encourage everyone to watch this video for this is truly inspirational.

I still can't imagine how a 91 year old on an oxygen tank keeps on rocking. Incredible. Unbelievable. Amazing. Fantastic.


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