Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy 47th Wedding Anniversary

Tatay and Nanang are celebrating their 47th wedding anniversary today (Feb 8 in Philippines). Wow they have been together this long! It is so amazing how they maintained their relationship despite all the hardships.

Times had been hard on us. I know there were so many nights (and days) that Nanang would just kneel and pray to ask the Lord's help to keep our family intact. In terms of Faith to the Lord, Nanang would have a PHD degree on that. She is so religious and she always trust the Lord that whatever hardships we may encounter that the Lord has purpose why it has to happen. Nanang never lost hope that someday, we will overcome all our hardships. Nanang has always been the rock of our family.

Tatay has its easy ways. Perhaps because he grew up in a family that can provide well. He was always content of what we were. I couldn't blame him for that though. Tatay has been very supportive to our family. He is a good father.

Looking at what we are now... all the kids are well-educated, most have a good job, successful in some ways... I know how proud our parents with us. We are also proud of how they brought us up. We were brought up disciplined, God-fearing, and most of all they thought us how to be thankful for whatever we have and they thought us to always look back to where we came from.

Looking at where we came from, the hardships, the struggles, the endless loans just to be sure that we kids can get good education, the little things that we all did in order to become what we are now... are all memories that keeps us close to each other.

Life has been better for us... thanks to Mom and Dad who kept there faith that someday we will be out of our battles and struggles. Thanks to them who despite the rocky roads of their marriage they remain faithful to their vows.

Happy Anniversary Tatay and Nanang. We love you and We thank you for all that you have done for us and for all the things that you continue doing for our family.


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