Sunday, February 8, 2009

Crab Legs


When I was in the Philippines, I don't like eating crabs. I don't like its smell. For me, it smell awful.

The longer that I stayed here in the USA, the more I miss our food in the Philippines. Unexpectedly, I learned to love eating crab legs. Who could resist the Snow Crab Legs? They are HUGE (of course compared to what we are used to in the Philippines). Anyway, we went out to eat at Chinese Restaurant for dinner today. Everytime we eat there I couldn't help but wish that hopefully customers are not greedy. There are just some of them that they will get all they can and not even thinking of some other people who are lining up behind them. Personally, that is tacky.

Well, when I went to get my food tonight, the server just put some crab legs. Good timing (perhaps???)! Oh well, some lady just blocked my way and get all of in literally all of it. End of my crab story for the night... I settled for our favorite the mushroom, some shrimp and bbq pork. It was a good meal!


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