Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A call to my Mom

Whenever I have the chance to call Mom, I always have a great time. Last night, my sister Lita told me that Mom will be spending the night at her house, so meaning to say, I can call her if I want. I got excited and told Lita, that I will stay up for a while that way when Mom gets to her house I am still awake and I can call her right away.

I was able to call Mom at 2am (Alabama time). We talked for an hour. I always treasure the moments when I am able to talk to her because she always confides in me about everything she feels like if she felt bad about something. Sometimes, she would ask me some little things or some treats for herself and of course I never said no to her although sometimes it takes a while for me to give her something. I always make sure that when Mom wants something, if I can afford it, I always get it for her because she never had anything when we were growing up because everything she earns was not even enough for our daily living. Mom is also very considerate to me since she knows that we don't have a lot of extra money too. She never asked for anything expensive and she never demands (as most mothers do to their kids who are residing abroad).

Anyway, Mom's birthday is coming up soon. I am glad I was able to talk to her and glad she got what we sent for her birthday. I always feel good when I make Mom happy even if it is just the little things.

Love you Mom. Thanks for everything.


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