Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All About Tattoo

I am fascinated with the tramp stamp. I wish I could have one. My tramp stamp would be in medium size for I don't like to have a big tattoo. Having a tramp stamp, for me looks very sexy especially if you wear a low rise jeans.

Tattoo is considered a body art or a decorative body modification. Tattoo is believed to be practiced worldwide. In fact, in the Philippines some tribal groups has its own tattoo as their identification that they belong to a certain tribe.

One can also use tattoo for cosmetic purposes. For permanent make-up, you can have tattoo to enhance the eyebrows, lips (for lipliner or lipstick), and eye liners. Tattoo artist usually just use a natural color in the design so that it will resemble as make-up.

If you are interested in tattoo and you got questions about what tattoo design should you pick, or if you have qualms about getting one, you can join the tattoo chat community. Tattoo Chat is a free website where tattoo enthusiasts join together to talk about tattoos. You can even use your cam and show off what you got. It is free to join the website, so come check it out!


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