Friday, January 23, 2009

We are BACK

After two weeks of vacation, we are back to our little own place. We had so much fun with our vacation.

The vacation was great but I miss all the comforts that we have here. I miss our car. I miss the cold weather. I miss the washer and dryer, the cr, the hot showers. I definitely enjoy our stay at our own place in Hanopol but still I could not stop wishing to have a centralized aircondition. Andrea and I could not get enough air condition and we feel so hot. We both end up getting sick.

The air travel was hard on us especially with Andrea. Our flights with Philippine Airlines was not very pleasant, both Dave and I had ear problems because of the air pressure. I am sure Andrea had her share too.

Last night, Mom and Dan surprised us when they picked us up in the airport. Mom had flowers for me and stuff toys for Dave and Andrea, that was so sweet. When we got home Mom and Dan had food/groceries ready for us. Thanks to you both!

We spent the night sleeping. We were all so tired from the long travel. We had fun and we are glad the family back in Philippines were able to meet Andrea.


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