Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year 2009

I started New Year being sick. I had a very upset stomach the whole day... perhaps, I ate too much last night from the New Year's get together at Lotlot. I surely did enjoy the New Year celebration even though I had a hard time with my upset stomach.

Dave bought some medicine for me for my upset stomach and it did work really good so I felt better today... Thanks goodness.... I just hate going to the bathroom all the time.

Anyway, today, I also talked to my brother in Philippines, informing me that Mom was hospitalized earlier. It is nothing serious though. She is just having cough and fever. It was best for her to be treated right and in the hospital that way when we come home she will be feeling good. Maybe Mom got sick with all the stress for the past few weeks when Joy passed away. Gladly she is okay when I talked to her, so nothing to be worried about.

New Year.... I hope and pray for economic stability this year... hahaha that way more shopping!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!


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