Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

Another year has passed. Time really flies so fast that sometimes you can hardly even noticed. Bad and good things happened in the year 2008. But still, I am grateful for all the good things and all the blessings.

YeaR 2008 was a year that I watched how Andrea grew up from a very tiny little girl to a very bubbly, giggly,hyper little girl. It has been a great experience, not just being a wife to my wonderful husband Dave but trying be a good mother to my little girl Andrea.

My family here in States has been so wonderful to us (Me, Dave and Andrea). I would like to thanks Mom and Dan, Dad and Jan, Terri and family, John and Mischa for being a part of our lives.

Year 2008 ends and I welcome 2009 praying for good health and more blessings. Blessings not just for me but for all the people that I love.

Happy New Year everyone!


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