Thursday, December 11, 2008

Andrea's Birthda Party

We have been busy today (Dec 10). It's Andrea's big day. My little girl in her birthday outfit... blue outfit. We invited friends for her birthday at Lotlot's. The party will be at 5:30pm.

Friends arrived before that. Wow! amazing... on time! lol

Actually, I went early there to help Lotlot with the preparation and I made coconut pie. Ging was there early too, she helped cook some dishes.

We all had fun. The kids enjoy the birthday cake. The not SO OLD (like US) enjoyed the food. Food was really delicious. And of course, Andrea enjoyed chewing the gifts lol.

Thanks everyone for joining us. And we are so glad Mom and Dan were there to celebrate it with us and try more of our filipino foods.

Pics... pics.. pics....


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