Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It's winter time. It is cold and time to use the heater. As much as I needed the heater to keep us all warm, I don't like it. It keeps me feel like I am so dry. I am thankful that there is humidifier. It really works good.

What is humidifier? For those who doesn't know what it is, A humidifier is a household appliance that increases humidity (moisture) in a single room or in the entire home. There are point-of-use humidifiers, which are commonly used to humidify a single room, and whole-house or furnace humidifiers, which connect to a home's HVAC system to provide humidity to the entire house.

There are certain disadvantage or risk in using humidifier. The use of a humidifier can allow the reproduction of dust mites or the growth of harmful mold, which can be especially harmful for children and the elderly.

Well, for me, as long as we keep on following the proper use and cleaning of the humidifier, I feel safe using it and it surely helps the humidity in our room especially having to keep our house really warm for Andrea.


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