Monday, October 20, 2008

Joy (An Update)

When Dave sign on my yahoo messenger today, he saw an offline from joy and he saw her ID online so we chatted.

We catch up on little things on life. We talked about her health about family and of course about Andrea.

I am so glad to know that she is really feeling a lot better compared from few weeks ago. The dialysis works and her creatinine level is lower now. I am so happy to know that Joy is doing a lot better.

Although, Joy has a lot of do's and dont's to maintain her health, she is not complaining. She told me how she would love to buy the Lettuce ( her favorite) and how she wish she can try Asparagus but she knows she can't because money is really tight. Joy has to eat healthy now and avoid salty and fatty foods.

I know how much they struggled financially with all the bills and medications. I wish I could just hand her over a few bucks every now and then that way she can buy some things that she wants to eat but it is just so difficult to send her a couple of bucks because the wire transfer fee is big.

Anyway, we decided to share a couple of bucks of our the $200 that we won in scratch off.... i know they need it more than we do.

I am happy for you Joy. Prayers really do wonders. Keep on praying.


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