Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

Dave and I are enjoying the Fantasy Baseball. This is my first year of joining the league. Thru the help of Dave, I am able to keep up with the game. It is almost over now and I am hoping to win a trophy. We are very much into the head to head games. Last week was the semi finals. From Monday to Saturday I was ahead 6-4 but Sunday games my opponent swamped me with 6 pitchers and I could not find any good ones so I had 4 pitchers for that night. After all the games, we ended up tied 5-5 but to my disappointment, my opponent was the one who advanced into the finals. I don't know what are the basis for it since we are tied. Oh well, I am now playing for third place... if I could win this one I will still have a trophy... very small

I am trying to monitor my players so as if my opponent will make last minute moves I can make my own too... Hopefully by Sunday i will still emerged a winner even if it is just third place. Well, third place for my first year is not bad at all....

More luck for me on the next season... who knows i will have the BIG trophy....


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