Monday, September 15, 2008

Super H Mart

I love eating fish, fish heads included. I seldom find fish in our grocery store nearby. Mostly, they only sell tilapia. I admit I am a fan of tilapia. I love fried tilapia. Paksiw tilapia ( cooked in vinegar and spices) And my most favorite, tilapia cooked in coconut milk.

Going to Super H Mart in Riverdale, Atlanta means more selection of fish. Yes there are lot of fish there. Fish that we usually buy back home in the Philippines. There is a variety of fish there that one can choose. If only Super H Mart is nearer to where we live, we will for sure shop there all the time but the bad news is Super H Mart is almost 2 hours drive from where we are.

During our last trip to Super H, I found Sweet Potato Leaves. I was so excited. I love salad sweet potato leaves. I was looking forward to coming home cooking it and i even planned on putting coconut milk on it... To my dismay, when i checked my cabinet, I don't have coconut milk anymore but nonetheless i still enjoyed eating the salad sweet potato leaves.

I also bought ampalaya (bitter melon), chinese eggplant, green-circle eggplants, purple yam, ginger and bananas.

Last week, has been a 'heaven' for me foodwise, I got to eat butterfish, milkfish and variety of veggies.

I still got a lot of fish in my freezer, so good for me... and yes i don't DIET


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