Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pat Burrel

I admit... I am now a baseball fan and that is because of the fantasy. Pat Burrel is one of the players that I have since the start of the league. For the past couple of months, he has been a big help for me to earn those HR, RBI, R and Hits. For a while, he was slumping but I still kept him because I know that if I drop him my opponents would gladly pick him up because he has the tendency to be in a good hitting streak.

Months went by and lately Pat Burrel has been killing me in my fantasy stats. He has more nights that he is hitless so finally 6 days ago I decided to drop him for this is the final stretch of the league. I was even joking with Dave that since I am dropping him for sure he would start hitting.

Well, as much as I hate it, what I predicted happened. For the past five days that I dropped Burrel, he has been playing good... in fact, he has 2 HRs from the time I dropped him. Huh! what a luck for me!!! Oh well, the price I pay for trying to win the league, I have to find players that I think would help me earn stats.

Three more days to go, and I will know if I will ever win a trophy for my first year in fantasy baseball.


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