Thursday, September 18, 2008


Andrea never like banana in a jar. I remember when i gave her gerber banana she would just not eat it and keep on crying. So since then, we never thought that she would ever like eating banana.

As she grow, she learned to eat different foods and fruits, now at 9 months she even thinks that whenever I am eating she has to eat too. She now eat some of the food in the table.

Surprisingly, she loves the real banana now. She eats it like a grown baby. She doesn't have teeth yet but still she can bite a good chunk of it.

Whenever she is a good girl, and not give me a hard time, I always reward her with a banana. Tonight, we went to Lotlot's and she has been a good girl. She played with the kids, played on her own, she even let Lotlot kissed her. Of course, she eats what we ate... fish!!!!

For being such a wonderful girl, and letting me have a good time at Lotlot's ... my baby girl deserves a Banana!


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