Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Hairstyle

Before (my long hair)
After (my shortest haircut ever!)
I have falling hairs, not just the usual falling of hair. It just got to the point that my hair is getting so long. I have been telling Dave that I need a haircut. Perhaps, a short one that way Andrea will not grab it all the time anymore.
Well, Mom Lori scheduled an appointment for me to her hairdresser ( all expense paid... thanks Mom) to have my haircut.
When I got to About Image Salon, I decided to have my hair cut short. I was thinking if it will not turn out good, after a year I am sure my hair would be long again. To make the story short, I had my hair cut into a short style. I look different when I saw myself in the mirror. Everybody likes my new haircut. Andrea just looked at me at first maybe she was wondering what happen why I look different but after a while she got used to it!
Thanks again Mom!


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