Friday, September 19, 2008

Bank Statement Reconciliation

I got busy today with bank statement reconciliation. I am already behind so it is really imperative to do it now.

Taking over our financial matters, has not been hard for me. I have been in-charge in terms of financial matters when I was in the Philippines although it does not entail bank reconciliation or check payments. It was just a basic day to day living with the meager amount we had.

My work experience, when I was in the Philippines, which deals with a lot of statement of account reconciliation made me an expert of doing our own finances.

I am proud of myself and Dave for keeping our receipts on debit purchases until i have recorded it, that way i won't have to adjust a lot when the bank statement comes. This would ensure that we will not be overdrawn in our bank account. In terms of bills, I am the one paying it and making sure that they are paid in a timely manner.

Bank statement reconciliation is just a piece of cake.


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