Friday, September 26, 2008

Going out with Mom Lori

It is bonding time for me, Mom Lori and Andrea. What's the best way to bond than SHOPPING! We all love to shop. Andrea is a born shopper. She always loves to be rolled around the store in her little stroller.

We went to fill my prescriptions, food shopping, and grocery shopping. We finally got a high chair for Andrea. It took us long because the one I wanted is always out of stock or if they have stock it looks like it is a returned item based on the products packaging and condition. For today, we decided to choose a different brand that is why finally we got a high chair for our girl.

I was trying to assemble the high chair but I stopped because while I was busy with it Andrea wanted to help, grabbing every piece she can, so I ended up putting it aside. I will just continue assembling it when Andrea will be asleep.

Perhaps, I will let Dave assemble it... hehehe

Anyway, Thanks a lot Mom... We love you!


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