Sunday, April 14, 2013

BPC 104/365 Gardening Day

It was a beautiful day yesterday and we decided to continue doing our garden. We worked hard and I am glad that I was able to finish planting my okra and bittermelon. I really hope that it will sprout and that we will be successful with our gardening.

My daughter was all ready to help. Since it was a hot day, she told me that she needed a hat to protect her from the sun. We had a very productive day yesterday and we hope to continue doing our garden later this afternoon.


Rcel said...

Sounds like it was indeed a perfect time for you to be out and enjoy some gardening hours! Andrea looks like a little haciendera man kaayo oi, dili angayan mag-garden ang gamay nga prinsesa! :D

emzkie said...

ka cute pud sa imong little helper mommy Lulu. =)

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