Thursday, February 28, 2013

Unproductive, Blogging-wise

The past month has been very unproductive for me blogging-wise.  There are successive days that I don't even check my own blog.  Call it laziness or boredom or lack of passion.  My zest for blogging and maintaining my blogs has suddenly disappeared.

Anyway, February has been gone and although I haven't forgotten the special events of the months, I wasn't able to blog about them either.

Last February 8, my parents' celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary!  I talked to my mom and I was somehow involve with their celebration.  They had a great get together with the family back home and they had plenty of food.  I would have love it more if they managed to upload the pictures but their internet connection is frustratingly slow.

February 26th was my Mom's birthday which year after year I always wish to be there.  I know how special it is for mom.  If only I can be there.  If only we are not too far from her.  But she knows that and understands it.  We did manage to send our birthday wishes along with a big birthday cake which made mom very happy.

I hope that month of march will mean I will be more dedicated with blogging.  Hopefully...


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