Sunday, December 2, 2012

Andrea's Fruit Salad

My daughter loves to play with her plastic foods, fruits and vegetables. Playing them is part of our daily routine.

After our play time, she told me that she wants a healthy snack.  She wants a fruit salad.  Her fruit salad should be made of oranges, apple slices and raisins.  When I gave her this plate she said "This is perfect, thank you mommy"

So, fruit salad it is!  Fruit Salad - Andrea's version!


Dhemz said...

hahaha...ka cute sa iyang fruit salad version...healthy snacks!

Jessica Cassidy said...

Yay! what a delish and healthy fruit salad snacks you have pretty Andrea :-) thats a girl! stay away from sweets :-) Thank you Momi Lulu for joining the BPC mwah

Momi Lulu, c Pareng Kevs katuon na cya pangduk2x ky saon sayo nanguyab ug sayo pud nahimong Papa ug sayo nagbulag kuk

Pinx said...

where's the milk and the cream??? ang kaonon ni bogs ana mami kay apple and raisins lang, di sya ganahan og orange. hehehe... bpc hop

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

This is very well done! Thanks for posting it

Rcel said...

that's a real and a perfect kind of a fruit salad! perfect choices, Andrea! lami kaayo tan-awon nga dili ako nag-prepare! lol

bpc hop mamilu!

Chie said... is amazing how simple things made the little ones so happy. yum!

Unknown said...

Mayao pa ni andrea da healthy ug snacks. here to steal your button lulu

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Great Looking Salad.

Unknown said...

Do you have a receipt for this salad

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