Monday, October 29, 2012

Black Friday Tradition

Black Friday is fun. I was one of the many people who braved the cold weather and the long lines at the mall just to get the deals that are irresistible. Last year, my friends and I went to the Black Friday Midnight Sale and we had a blast. We started early as we expected that there will be long lines. Despite the very cold weather, my friends and I still was able to enjoy the event.

This year, I plan to shop for a bigger TV for our new home. I waited for the Black Friday sales event because electronics and other stuffs are priced low around this time. With the budget that I have, I know I can buy a bigger TV. I need a TV which is at least 60". Our living room is big and the ceiling is high so I need a bigger TV for better viewing experience. I just hope that I will get lucky and be able to grab the TV deals in stores.

Just in case I won't be quick enough to grab a TV deal, I have to make sure that I can grab and take advantage of the Cyber Monday TV sales. If there is a black friday, there is also a cyber monday. Cyber Monday is perfect for shoppers who are not brave enough to fight the crowd during the Black Friday event. It is more convenient as you don't need to drive and wait in line. You can also shop around in different online stores to compare deals and compare prices. You can also visit for more about Cyber Monday.

Now, why do I have to endure the long lines during Black Friday when in fact I can get the same during Cyber Monday? It is my choice as for me Black Friday is a Tradition. It is more than just shopping for deals, it is about having fun!


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