Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Layaway @ Kmart

This post brought to you by Kmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

The holidays are getting near.  Holidays means spending money for holiday gifts for family and friends.  If you have kids, you have more things to buy.  I believe that it is a great idea to start shopping for the holiday gifts as early as now.  

If you don't have the cash right away to buy whatever you are eyeing for a gift to your family, kids or even yourself, you better check out the free layaway plan at Kmart.  As Kmart is prepping for the holiday season, they are having a great giveaway.  Kmart's Big Layaway Giveaway  is per store per week.  Every week from 9/9/12 to 11/17/12 one winner will have a chance to win "remaining balance paid off up to $500".  There is no purchase necessary to join the giveaway.  Just visit their website or a participating location for the official rules.  This is really exciting and I hope to be one of the lucky winnes.  

The following items are what I want to add in my cart for layaway:


We do have a refrigerator in our kitchen, but I want another one which we can put in our garage.  I also want a bigger freezer so that we can stock up on frozen goodies when they are on sale.

Some stores also offer different layaway programs but why Kmart Layaway is better?

Kmart Free Layaway Grid 09_12.jpg

I like the fact that Kmart's layaway program is easy and convenient.  It is a year-round layaway, with full range of merchandise and  with online layaway option.  You can even shop in one state and pick it up in another state. You can also shop online and pick up in store as well.  The best thing for me is it has no service fee and no minimum item or transaction amount.  


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