Friday, August 24, 2012

HNU Hospital

My mom in the Philippines is currently confined in this hospital. This is the Holy Name University Medical Center Foundation Inc. This is not the typical hospital that we used to visit when I was in the Philippines. It just so happened that our regular hospital doesn't have available rooms anymore so they brought Mom to this hospital.

During Mom's latest ekg test, they found some abnormality so we all decided that it is better for her to be confined right away so that she doesn't have to wait long to have her cardiac panel and other lab works.

This will be MOm's second day in the hospital. She seems to be better the last time we chatted. We hope that nothing major is wrong with her health.


jheylo said...

oh my! i hope every thing is ok sa imong mader dear mami lulu.

Pinx said...

mami... i hope nanay is fine... mas maayo baya ang HNU compared to Ramiro... hehehe... get well soon to your mama!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

sana gumaling na siya....

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