Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why Choose Boost Mobile?

This post brought to you by Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.


I WAS happy with my cellphone / internet service provider for a while.  We have been with them for a couple of years.  Sadly, their internet service doesn't met my needs anymore.  So, I called their customer service telling them about my problem and I want it cut off because the speed was just too slow.  After all the explanation, I was still "BOUND" to a contract and terminating it means I have to pay $125.  To be honest, I was MAD.  Is it my fault that their broadband is too slow?  Who wants a connection that is crawling like a snail?  It is not worth the monthly payment that I paid for.  So, I decided to just pay the termination fee and I am planning to ditch my cellphone service too, after this cycle.  

Then, comes an unexpected blessing.  I was fortunate enough to be selected to try Boost Mobile and they even sent me a smart phone.  What a surprise!  They sent me the HTC EVO Design 4g.

Boost Mobile offers customers one of the best values out there in the pre-paid wireless industry. They offer bundles that are very affordable. It includes talk, text and internet. And the best thing about all these, you are NOT BOUND to any form of contract. It doesn't require you to have a credit check or a contract to stay with them. On the contrary, they reward their loyal customers.

One of the best things I like about Boost Mobile is their Loyalty Program. They reward their users by reducing their payments in $5 increments each month after 6 on-time payments, for a max of $15 off your monthly recurring charge. So, it only means that 6 on-time monthly payments = to $5 less your bill. You can reduce your payment for as low as $40/month. Awesome right?

Convinced yet? Here's some more. Boost Mobile 4G offers faster data speeds. With the speed that they are offering, you can do different things at once without having to sacrifice network, speed and quality. Boost Mobile offers customers 4g at its best price.  The HTC EVO design 4g is priced to sell.  With the shrinking payments that they offer on top of that, what can you ask for?  Shop and switch now.  They have plenty of plans such as: 
  • talk and text only
  • talk, text, and web
  • Blackberry plans
  • Monthly Unlimited
  • Monthly unlimited with shrinkage
  • Android monthly

By the way, I love my new Boost Mobile HTC Evo design 4g.  Its features are awesome!

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SAHM Writes said...

In the US, there are a lot of mobile companies to choose from and what's good about them is they chase after customers not like here where its the other way around. :(

Emma said...

Wow! that's great! and I so love the smart phone :). Well, at least you got blessed after paying for a worthless service. Enjoy your new phone AND connection! :)

claire said...

Such a good deal. whereas, here in the Philippines I don't think they would do that. :(

Rovie Aguis said...

Yay! You are one lucky woman Mommy Lulu. That offer from Boost Mobile sounds like a great deal.

Enjoy your new phone! ;)

sir rob said...

The only bad thing is that you will be tied up to them for a certain period of time. Though the perks are just to enticing not to take advantage.

jheylo said...

this is a cool phone. I told my husband about this phone and that some got a free phone, he was like I wish you got one too. Unfortunately i didn't. oh well.

Jessica Cassidy said...

I wish I have this cellphone when I travel to the Philippines :-) this is a must especially our flights were delayed and canceled.

Bless said...

Very nice phone. I was thinking of getting that phone before, but when Sprint carry the iPhone hubby got it instead.

Just too bad you have to pay for that termination fee :-(

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