Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bitter Melon Garden

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I have diabetes and I believe that bitter melon will help me lower my blood sugar. Bitter melon contains a lectin that has insulin-like activity. This lectin lowers blood glucose concentrations by acting on peripheral tissues and, similar to insulin's effects in the brain, suppressing appetite. The only place that I can buy this vegetable is at the Asian market which is 20 minutes drive (one way) from where we live. Almost every week, we buy a bunch of bitter melon because it is part of my daily diet.

I have decided to make a bitter melon garden. I like to grow my own so that we will not drive far just to have this vegetable. I plan to use some organic soil in my garden so that my garden will have better results when it comes to fruits. I have found out that the organic plant food that is sold by Whitney Farms contains beneficial microbes. I am sure that it will help me have a great bitter melon garden. I also like the fact that the soil and plant food from Whitney Farms has no additives and nothing artificial on them. On top of that, it is very easy to apply and there is no manure odor when used.

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I am very positive that I can make this bitter melon garden thrive because my family used to plant bitter melon when I was still in the Philippines. With the aid of Whitney Farms Tomato and Vegetable Food, it will be very easy.

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analou said...

I love bitter melon and I also want to grow them here in our backyard. I have luck with a lot of plants and I am hoping that I have luck also with bitter melon. The problem is where I can get the seeds or the seedlings? Well, it's time to do the research.

Have a nice day Lu.

Bitter Melon and Diabetes said...

i love bitter melon and i have it here at my backyard

pr check said...

i like bitter melon. i hope i can plant it too at our backyard. :(

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