Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tight Hug

One of the things I enjoy the most is sharing a tight hug with my daughter. There is nothing sweeter when she hugs you and tells you " I love you, mommy" just out of the blue. We are blessed to have a very sweet daughter.

We share our bed to her and when it is nap time, which she just learn to do again for few days now (she doesn't take naps since she was 3) she often hugs me and tells me "I am hugging you mommy so that you won't fall out of the bed". She is just so precious!


Emzkie said...

so sweet of your daughter. lami dyud bitaw kaau ning mga gakos nila oi. apil halok pa dyud. =)

from BPC

Rcel said...

Ka-lami jud anang mga I love You Mommy nila no? Music kaayo paminawon. Same thing ning akong gamayng binuhat diri ug makawala jud sa problema pinakalit. Lol.

MamiLu-- share ninyo si Andrea ug bed? As in till now? Kami pud diri, dulog jud kaayo. Ga-guot na mi sa among katre, di japon gabulag. Lol. Naay own bed si Triz sa other room, pila ka nights ra sya didto nakatulog, I had to invite her over sa among bed kay di ko katulog inig wala sya. Hahaha.

Sorry gud, pobre man gud mi nagdaku-- gadulog tanan. So mao pud among pagpadaku sa among pobreng anak! Lol.

Dhemz said... sweet!

agoy, abi nako ug naglain nani sya ug katog mami...ehehhee!

thanks for joining BPC!

Mel said...

i agree, their hugs are just like hot compress on our life's headaches too. sensya na sa late visit mamilu from 366 bpc.

Sheryl Apuhin said...

ay sweet!!!!!si iris ayaw ng hug pag tulog..sshe use sleeping al;one.. sana when she gets older sweet na rin sya..hehehe
from BPC74

Pinx said...

ka-sweet ni Andrea oi... di man ana si Bogs mami oi! arte kaayo..di na gani pa-kiss! di pa jud mo-i love you mommy! waaaahhh! hahahaha! super late bpc 74 visit.

Bridal Cars Rental said...

So sweet :)

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