Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sea Shells

These are really cool. These collection can be seen at McWane Science Center. I always enjoy looking at Sea Shells. It is amazing how they were able to collect these salt water shells from different countries.

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wifetoalineman02 said...

that is one unique collection :-) love sea shells too Momi Lulu :-) Visiting from #85 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

sir rob said...

Interesting to know this collection.

Adin B said...

They're beautiful and they have such an interesting shapes and design to them. Sea shells are awesome to collect! Visiting you mommy LULU via BPC. :)

Rcel said...

Yes, those are cool collections! I can't wait to visit a friend's house because she has mentioned they've been collecting shells from places they've been to or from pasalubongs given to them. I bet they have a lot na jud. Nice nga collection ba. Abi ko imoha ni nga wall MamiLu! :)

Re:About sa camera, cheapness ra akong desired ba, i'm sure afford ra to nimo. Pero not into point-and-shoot man guro ka. Basin pang-DSLR imong power diha. Ako kay not into DSLR man ko so point-and-shoot ra pud akong kaya. :)

yogi said...

yeah, it is nice to see collections specially those collections who are not simple to collect :) heheh

BPC hop here ..

Leah H. said...

Ka nice ba sa mga sea shells:) Mingawon dayon ko sa beach:(

Visiting for #85 challenge-hope you can stop by:)

Mrs.D said...

wow, all over the world man diay ni nga chart...way pinas ana mami? heheheh!

thanks for joining BPC!

musta na?

Bless said...

Very nice display. I used to memorize different types of shells back in college in my invertebrate zoology :-) Very interesting.

BPC hop!

kimmy said...

what a wonderful collection!

melandria said...

i have always loved sea shells, they look really cute and worth keeping,

visiting here after a long time, take care always :)

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