Thursday, March 8, 2012

on Excessive Hairloss...

I have had excessive hairloss for a long time now. I didn't worry about it until recently. I thought it is just nothing. Then my hair loss didn't get any better. In fact, you can now almost see my scalp because of it.

It's time for intervention. Hubby asked me to call our doctor and schedule for an appointment. I was going to call the doctor's office last Friday but the office was close due to severe weather.

Last Sunday, I read this article in the news paper.

Most people lose 100 to 150 strands each day; the longer the strands, the more dramatic their appearance when you find them on your brush or in the drain. (And if you don't brush or wash your hair every day, the loss will seem greater on days when you do it.) If you think you're losing an excessive amount - you're no longer able to style your hair as you normally would, for example - then see your doctor. You 're most likely developing run-of-the-mill pattern baldness (which can affect both men and women), but there could be an underlying medical condition, like lupus or a thyroid disorder, at play.

Last Monday, I did call our primary care physician. I am scheduled to see her on March 20.


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