Thursday, January 26, 2012

9021 OH!

Contribution by Prince Raymond

As much as I enjoy the holidays and all the specials, I’m glad to see that most of the shows I watch have begun airing new episodes. I was pleasantly surprised last night while skimming the cable tv guide to see “New, 2012” by the majority of the episode descriptions. The show I am most excited about seeing new episodes of is 90210. Yes, it’s campy and cheesy and completely unrealistic but who cares? It’s escape television at its best as Naomi and company navigate the trials and tribulations of fortune and in some cases fame as well as danger and intrigue. Liam’s new girlfriend? Hit him while he was on his motorcycle. Navid’s family? Bad business. Every time you think the writers have outdone themselves they top it. At least Annie has finally gotten her deserved reward from Marla. I do miss Annie’s parents and wonder if she will transfer to Carnegie now that she has her money. And the Dixon Adrianna story line is full of potential as they attempt to navigate their way on to the pop charts!


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