Thursday, December 22, 2011

Home Insurance While We Are Away

My family will be on vacation for about a month come January next year. We will be going to my home country to attend my parent’s golden wedding anniversary. Since we will be away, we made sure that our house, our belongings and other properties will be intact till the time we get back from the Philippines. So hubby and I decided to get a home insurance, just to make sure that all our assets will still be in place.

Getting a home insurance will surely give us the peace of mind while we are away. Times have changed and many out there are also in need and might think of something that will harm their fellow neighbors or might ransack homes whose owners and dwellers are not around. It is better to be safe than sorry, and even if it caused us some of our hard-earned money, it is a worthwhile investment and will truly be advantageous for my family.

Speaking of home insurance, a good friend of mine who now resides in UK is also a believer of home insurance because of the peace of mind that it gives to her and her family. You too should check on this.


Dhemz said...

kadaghan sa insurance...asa man tawon ni gikan...hehehhee!

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