Monday, October 31, 2011

Going for the neighborhood's craziest dog costume

Guest post written by Eva Stone

I don't think that there's a single dog on our street that doesn't have a Halloween costume every year. We kind of have a block party the Saturday before Halloween every year and it's like an unofficial contest to see who has the best pet costume. There have been a few years when I think that my dog Lucky won that unofficial contest and this year I wanted it to be a for sure thing.

I started looking online with our clear 4g internet pretty early to see what kinds of dog costumes I should consider this year for him to wear. I think that he actually enjoys the costumes and is even more playful when he's wearing them. I think that it's because over the years he's figured out that he gets even more attention when he's wearing a costume.

I did find this one really crazy pet costume that makes it look like the dog's being eaten by an alligator. I think that he may have really won this unofficial contest this year, although it was a little tougher to get him around the block party.


Dhemz said...

maypa dire da kay naa GP...wahehhehe...happy halloween mami!

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