Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Business School

I have a bachelors degree that I earned in the Philippines. I also have a diploma in another field. This means that I have finished 6 years of college. Sadly, all of these is worth nothing where I am now.

I plan on going back to school. I want to earn a degree here in the United States. By having a degree here, I have a better chances of landing a good job. I need to have a stable job for our future. We can never tell what will happen but I want to be prepared in case something happens to my husband. I want to be able to fend for myself and my daughter in case something happens.

I know it will be hard to find a good job without the proper credentials that is why we are striving to push our plans for me to go back to school. We will just do things one step at a time. After our Philippines vacation early next year, we will concentrate on our other goal - my schooling. I am still undecided which course to take. But I am down to two choices, either a medical field or a business field. Should I decide to take business course, I have already gathered lots of information about different business schools. I have even researched about the best colorado business school. I was also encouraged to learn more about business school because this is something that hubby can do. He might want to take some graduate courses which will be helpful for his career advancement.

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Happiness said...

Me too Lu wants to go back to school for a long time now. It seems I can't fulfill this dream because just recently a good thing happen at work. I will post it in my blog a month from now. I want to make it a secret for now, lol.

Thanks for sharing it Lu.

Dhemz said...

wala nako pang tuition mami...maong d nalang ko balik skul...besides kapoy tuon...nyahhaha....joke!

mau ra jud ka da kay close jud mo ni B2B...pakopyaha lagi ko sa answer ba...nyahahha!

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