Monday, September 26, 2011

RAVE Movie Theater

This movie theater has a special place in my heart. This was where hubby and I first watched a movie together.

Yesterday, we came back to this place. It was the first time that we brought our daughter to this movie theater. We watched LION KING.

We really enjoyed the movie. Andrea enjoyed and watched the whole movie. The few times that we brought her to watch a movie, she always fell asleep after half of the movie. This time around, she watched all of it.

Popcorn and drinks in the movie theater are priced high but Andrea wanted to eat popcorn, because she always think that if you watch a movie, you should eat popcorn. So, I bought a small bag of popcorn and a small drink.

Andrea had enjoyed the movie because she keeps on talking about it. She relays whatever the scenes in the movie. We will be back to watch another movie again sometime.

mytotsexactly CIB Monday


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

maayo pa ni andrea ky kaila kaayo ug senihan, kami wa mi kaila heheh

Dhemz said...

nice lagi inyong theater diha mami...dire sa amo kay mura ug cathedral ang!

watch movie said...

Great posting, I am share on my facebook page. Cheers.

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