Thursday, July 14, 2011

Filipino Breakfast

Can you imagine how much I miss this type of breakfast? I remember that buying "chorizo" is very easy as most wet market has this and wet markets in the Philippines can be found everywhere. Here in my place, it is hard to find this product and I am just lucky that when I went to the Asian store, I found a frozen cured pork sausage (chorizo). This one is spicy and I loved it.

I know that next time we will go to the Asian Store, I will look for this one. This is delicious. Even if this is frozen, it taste the same with the ones I used to buy in the wet market.


Dhemz said...

sos kalami ana...naa pa?! hehhehe

Mom Daughter Style said...

yesterday we had longanisa too AKA Fil sausage lol

I'm going to follow you in twitter, mine is @momandrc.

Happiness said...

I love chorizo too Lu. Yummy. Maybe next time I will go to the Filipino store I will check in their frozen section if the have chorizo.

Mel Cole said...

abi nako ug longaniza. kalami oi, gigutom nuon ko. btw mamilu, join ka dito ha, Lovemode $25 giveaway.

jellybelly said...

Looks so good, fried just the way I love, may sunog na parts :)

The Twerp and I

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