Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday Fishing

We went fishing again yesterday. It was a cool day so we were in our long sleeves shirts. Though the water was cool, we still had fun.

We caught brim, large mouth bass and a crappie. Obviously, I was happy with our catch.

This is my Chic in Black entry for the week. Andrea and I wearing our black leggings.

mytotsexactly CIB Monday


kim said...

that was so much fun!!

teJan said...

agooyy as in ka cute ninjo kitaon popareho attire..hehe! saman daghan injong nakuha?

latebloomerblog said...

ang cute! terno pa kayo ng little girl mo ng outfit!

Chic in Black: Corset

SHY said...

wow matching talaga ung dress nyo ha..I am excited to do the same when my baby girl is a bit bigger hehe...I never been to fishing, I am sure it will be fun to try kaso wla mn ko kabalo kung naa ba lake diri na naa isda kay tugnaw man pirmi diria hehe..

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