Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Facts About the SMC

I’ve heard so much of the SMC Corp. but I never had the chance to know why this company has been said to be a scam. I tried to read reports about it in smc corp bbb reports and it stated some complaints about smc corp. Some members have complained that they had difficulty in obtaining refunds for their membership fees including their payment for the membership kits. Although the SMC Corp has been in operation for a long time now, and for the past 60 years in the business, they have only received a handful of complaints and have been addressed by the company and that the BBB has even reported that no government actions have been taken against the SMC Corp. This just goes to say that there is no such thing as an smc scam. Probably those who have been served by the SMC and have turned bitter against them just make issues that they are not a legitimate business or such. Some members may have been discontented but it doesn’t speak in general for the company. I guess some people just want a company that can make them rich easily. But getting rich cannot happen overnight. You have to work hard for it.


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