Sunday, May 22, 2011

Looking for Jobs

Unemployment, loss of jobs, unstable prices of gasoline, and grocery prices hike, among others are just but the daily problems most people are facing. The economy is not getting any better at all. I don't think it will get better for a long while.

I think that unemployment is a worldwide crisis. I know that there are many people who switch jobs as despite the down economy there are still some sections that are better. I know this for a fact because many of my friends are now jobless because their company had close operation. They have been looking for new jobs but they haven't got one yet. I suggest for them to perhaps change career. I told them that a nonprofit career might be worth checking out. There are plenty of non profit jobs that they can find at non profit job resource center.

Jobs may be scarce but if you want to look for jobs, you can create an account, post a resume and start browsing for the jobs that you might be interested in at TheNonProfitTimes.


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