Monday, May 9, 2011

Free Stuff

One of the best marketing strategies a business or a company can do is to give free samples of their products. Oftentimes, in the grocery or at the mall, I see company stalls having a free tasting of some food products. This way I believe is so effective in marketing and advertising products. Freebies are a hit to most of all the consumers. I myself am a fan of free product samples and free taste! Free Product Samples that arrive in the mail are also my favorites. I always get excited when there are mails. I find this strategy really very effective especially when a company introduces into the market a new product.

Free Products from companies sent to households through mail or given for free at malls or other strategic locations give consumers the firsthand try. I think it is also important for companies to at least give or attach a feedback form so that they may be able gather essential and vital information regarding their product. But companies cannot give out freebies all the time, so other advertising and marketing campaigns can also be used to attract more customers and to make them loyal to their brands. It’s a risk but I think it’s all worth it.


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