Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Expensive Sauce

Last weekend, hubby requested to have Spaghetti for dinner. While we were at the grocery store buying our ingredients, we saw this sauce - Dell Amore. The price was over $7 for a jar and take note, it was already on sale.

Considering the price, we thought of trying it because we thought it was really good because it is pricey.

I cooked spaghetti which we all enjoyed eating. The sauce was good but not worth your money. One thing is for sure, that was just a one time purchase. It is good but not worth your $7. I would stick to my sauce which only cost less than $2 a jar.

Dell' Amore, expensive and not worth it!


Dhemz said...

na maong mag mantinir lang ko anang 99cents nga del monte spag!...lami pa...kamahal man ana!

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