Sunday, April 10, 2011

Would Have Been Easy and Fast

I remember when I was still working in an office setting before, the human resource in-charge was on leave and I was assigned to handle the payroll and other accounting matters. Although before the in-charge went out for her leave, she taught me the basics of accounting and HR. Employee Benefits, issuing cheques and cash disbursements were all discussed to me, but still it was not easy, since I had no accounting background. But somehow, in the month that she was absent, I was able to do my duties.

Online Payroll was still not an option during those times. Everything had to be done manually, like collecting information on the number of hours worked, pay rates, deductions, and other pay-related data from my co-employees. Manually recording everything was a daunting task, I had to double check all the data I input to avoid mistakes and discrepancies. Even the pay cheques had to be printed manually and signed personally by our executive director before they were given to my co-employees. It was laborious and now looking back at it all, I realized how easy it would have been if there was online payroll like what HiTechPayroll is offering. Everything from accurately calculating wages and deductions to paying and filing federal taxes, state and local taxes on the company’s behalf can be done in minutes.

I guess many companies have already benefited from this kind of outsourcing. Had this been available years ago, the company where I used to work would have saved a lot. But somehow, I am thankful for that opportunity to learn something new.


jane said...

Online payroll is beneficial, indeed!

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