Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Small Business Then

A few years ago, before I migrated here to the United States, my family and I had a small business, an internet café, that is. I used to manage it and fortunately, our business clicked and we had many customers. Aside from the internet, we also accepted simple printing services. If a customer wanted to print something from a website, he could just inform me or the in-charge that he is going to print. Sometimes, students who have projects or research would come to the café and have their resources printed. So every day, I would check if our printer cartridges are still full. Since I wanted to save from buying brand new ink, I would always go to the city to look for cheap ink. I was just lucky then because there were inkjet cartridges available in the malls that are cheaper. It was my responsibility to look for printer ink since I knew most what was needed for the internet café. I also had to hire someone, a computer technician to do the major computer repairs, other than that I was also the one who maintained the PCs. It was not easy but I really enjoyed managing the business. I liked the thought that I get to be the boss and yet I am able to serve my neighbors and our community.


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