Monday, April 25, 2011

Guess Shirts

Last week, my entry was the guess wallet. This week, I am still into "guess" mode, thus I am showing you some of the guess shirts that I bought together with the wallet.

I really love these shirts, too bad it shows so much of my "fats" that I can't wear it to my satisfaction. I don't want to return them to the store as I got a great deal (price-wise) of these shirts.

Well, on the plus side, these will be a great "pasalubong" when I go home so I will just save them!



teJan said...

hhehe..pareha lageh ta..guess addict:) mao ako nato imo wallet kng pul-an naka..the shirts are nice too:)

by the way..nice man inyo layout ouy..himoe ko ninjo bi..hehhe! thanks for dropping by!

Mom Daughter Style said...

nice shirt. I got a Guess shirt too about two weeks ago and it has those sparkly prints too.

thanks for taking time to leave a comment on my site.

I have a guest post in my blog, I hope you check it out.

cherry said...

nice shirts. i am into wearing shirts nowadays because it's so hot here.

mine is up:

Pinx said...

mommy lu, ako nang isa ana ha??? hehehe...

Rossel said...

guess addict ka pala, Sis. why not? it's a good brand. nice shirts.

Mrs.D said...

ako dko adik kay dko ka afford ana nga! maypa sa pinas naa ko guess shirts...dire wala ko kapalit bisan!

nice collection mami...agi ko dire kdali kay sleepy nako...mwah!

☆♥Shydub♥☆ said...

wa gyud ko nimu apili ani da. ka nice

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