Thursday, April 14, 2011

For Convenience

I need to buy a new laptop bag that is TSA approved. Since we plan to travel to Philippines early next year, I need a reliable laptop bag for my laptop. I need to bring a laptop so that even if we are on vacation I can still check my online things every now and then.

I don't expect myself to be online as much but it will be necessary for me to have my own laptop for convenience. Besides, during our layovers it will be of good use while waiting for our connecting flights. My daughter can watch her movies in my laptop or I can browse my blogs and make quick updates during long flight layovers. It is also an added bonus that most airports have free WIFI connection, if there is none, I can always use my wireless internet connection anywhere around the states.

I am getting excited about our upcoming trip. I am buying the things that we want to bring one at a time.


Explorerminded said...

mau pa dire kay walay puas ang opps...busy permi...labay ko kadali mami..ugma rako blog hop...sleep nako...mwah!...mami, tagae daw ko ug log in nimo...ako suwayan ug lili ni imo blog para maka comment ang uban nimo visitors...hehehee!

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