Sunday, April 3, 2011

Camping Equipment

It’s summer vacation already in my hometown and the other night, my nephew and I talked about camping. He said that there is an outdoor camp that he’s very interested in joining. He mentioned that the camp will teach him a lot about self discipline and leadership. I could not say no to him because I know that he has the potentials of being a good leader in his class. But there is one problem. Camping Equipment is what he needs, he doesn’t have one right now and the camp is just a few weeks away. Since I love my nephew, I searched online for some camping equipment and luckily saw some affordable one. But shipping them would take a long time, so I am planning to just send him some money so that he’ll buy the equipment himself. I’m sure there is affordable camping stuff available, that way too, he can get to choose what he really needs for the upcoming camp.

Since I found a good place to buy camping equipment online, I think of buying a new one for us. We plan to make some camping trips this year that my daughter is old enough to enjoy it.


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