Thursday, March 31, 2011

Port of Entry Story

My supposed to be trip was from Manila to Nagoya to Detroit to Memphis to Birmingham. When the plane landed in Detroit, I had to fall in line for visitors lane for the immigration. When it was my turn, I handed to the immigration officer, my passport, the departure form, the customs form and the brown envelope that has a stamped do not open.

The officer said... so you are coming to get married congratulations. Then he asked me the following questions:

Where and when did you meet your fiance?
When was the last time you see each other in person?
Is there a date for the wedding?
Where does he works?

Then he checked the petition and found out that the petition was approved July 25 and its valid for 120 days (I flew November 28). He told me that the petition expired and it needs to be re-validated and told me he was hoping I had it re-validated. So I had to explain that I didn't get the visa right away. Then he said it was not really a problem I just had to have it re-validated in the interview area.

An officer brought my papers and I followed him and instructed to sit and wait. That was probably 11:15am. I was supposed to fly the Northwest Airlines flight going to Memphis at 12:05 butttttttttttt sadly all the officers there are not on their posts so i stayed there until around 12:30 pm until i got my application re-validated and they returned to me my passport. Of course I MISS my flight! I was so worried since i told Dave what time my flight was and I worried missing my flight and having to get another one.

After i had my passport back I went to check in area again. Good thing i had my friend coming with me since she was the one who claimed my luggage. When we checked in we told the flight people we miss our flight and we were instructed to fall in line in R and had our ticket re-booked at no cost. The lady gave us a Detroit to Birmingham flight. After couple of hours stay in Detroit we boarded for our Birmingham flight.

Note: I found this story in a forum and I posted this December 2006. If not for this entry, I have already forgotten my not so very good experience at Detroit Immigration.



chubskulit said...

Ouch, sakit namna,.. Kung ako nun naiyak na ako mamilu lol. Happy Birthday!

analou said...

Happy Birthday Lu. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

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