Monday, March 7, 2011

Beach Apparel

A couple of months from now, we will be welcoming Summer. As early as now, hubby and I are thinking of what sporting activity we should try to encourage our daughter to try.

If there’s one thing my daughter loves, it is water. Maybe she will be interested in taking some swimming classes or for a bit of fun, maybe she can also try out some basic surfing lessons if she’s up to it. She always tries to mimic when she sees someone surfing on the TV so maybe if there are some basic classes for it, we can enroll her in that too.

For sure though, we’ll be getting some new beach apparel this year. I can’t wait for some of my favorite stores to announce a sale whether it’s a physical store or an online store like A Shore Thing. And just in case she’ll be trying out the surfing classes, I also need to canvass some surfing apparel for her.


Dhemz said...

lili ko kadali dre mami...musta ang life diha?

Cacai M. said...

inahan agi kow.. sus dah, dli lang damhon spring na hapit... short pants time na pod dayon.. :))

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

maayo kay beach naman imu huna huna

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